Stylist Sara Dinkin's Sustainable Marketplace

Stylist Sara Dinkin's Sustainable Marketplace

Celebrity stylist Sara Dinkin recently became a retailer and entrepreneur with the launch of Canyon Goods, an online marketplace for luxury and ethical brands. During her launch event and clothing swap at Sawyer in Silver Lake, Dinkin discussed how she’s helping to create much-needed change in the fashion industry.  

Why did you decide to start Canyon Goods? 

I took a look at my careerpath and the fashion industry as a whole and asked myself how could I make a difference and create a much-needed change. The way I see it, sustainable fashion is our only option to conserve the planet at this point. While styling, I started to research climate change and how fashion was impacting the planet and was deeply horrified by what I found. I began to look for sustainable marketplaces, that solely focused on selling sustainable goods and could not find one that I 100 percent aligned with, so I decided to start my own. Through my research, I discovered some amazing, luxury sustainable brands that were not getting the exposure they deserved. So, I launched Canyon Goods to provide shoppers with a new destination for luxury ethical commerce.

How do you source the brands you sell? 

I spend a lot of time doing brand research online, on Instagram, reading articles and discussing with friends who work in fashion. Before working with a prospective brand, I study their practices and ethical standards to ensure they align with the Canyon Goods mission. In terms of Canyon Goods’ standards on sustainability, I measure the items the site carries based on the following criteria: is the item recycled, organic, cruelty-free, fair trade, artisan-made, charitable, made in the USA, or vegan. 


How do you define sustainability? 

Sustainability comes in many shapes and sizes. In order to be completely transparent and to continue to educate Canyon Goods’ customers, I provide a breakdown of what makes the brands carried on Canyon Goods sustainable. I’m committed to selling only brands that follow ethical standards and are transparent in how their products are made. This overall helps lead customers to more educated purchases and pushes them to shop entirely sustainable in all areas of their lifestyle. 

What are some things regular people can do to lead more sustainable lives and have more conscious wardrobes? 

Shop sustainably made designers! Also, vintage shop and swap clothes amongst friends. Clothes do not need to live only one life; they can be reused and repurposed. Fashion trends are recyclable and different decades are always coming back around, so hold onto your items because they will for sure make a comeback!

How have e-commerce sites and social media changed the way you shop and do your styling job?

E-commerce sites and social media make it a much more immediate and impulsive purchase. It’s become incredibly easy to purchase items directly off of online shops. I have always found it difficult to online shop on other platforms, as garments are typically pinned to the model and not very true to size. What I love about Canyon Goods is that we have a very true to size motto, working with models who fit our merchandise so that our consumers can limit their returns. We also do not pin clothes on the models. 

What do you love most about living and working in California? 

California has been my home for the last 10 years. I am constantly inspired by its beauty and different scenic locations. I love the healthy lifestyle I am able to live in Los Angeles, the beautiful sunshine and the creative peers I surround myself with.